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Since Apex Legends opens a limited stats, the method of updating stats is a little different compared to other games.

1) Apex Legends provides player information for up to 3 different trackers.

Sign in Apex Legends > move to LEGENDS tab > select a legend > BANNER > TRACKERS

Every legends has "APEX Kills" tracker as a default.

Image about how to update

2) If you look at the tracker list, you will find various trackers such as "Apex Headshots", "Apex Revives", etc. are locked.

To unlock them, you will need "Crafting Metal" obtained while playing the game.

Each tracker is applied separately for each legend (character), so choose the legend you mainly play to get the tracker

Image about how to update

3) Select up to 3 trackers you want to register.

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4) Return to the lobby.

Image about how to update

5) After you search for your account in DAK.GG/APEX, update your stats.

Because you can only select up to 3 stats at a time, to register or update other tracker information

Change your tracker in the game again, return to the lobby, and update your stats in the site.

Image about how to update

Since Apex Legends only provides the stats of the currently selected legend,

In order to update the stats of other legends, you must update the stats information after selecting another legend.

If Apex Legends opens more information in the future, we will provide a variety of stats information.