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Rio - Bow

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Rio bow build that goes pew pew pew
Welcome to Wolfie's guide on Rio, if you are new to my guides, please read on, if you arent, you may skip ahead.

It works for Solo/Duo/Squad

Im by far not a pro Rio player, this guide is solely based on my own personal experiences. Feel free to add me and DM me if there are any errors you may have spotted, or if there's any questions you may like to ask.

//How my guide works//
This guide is to help you understand how to play Rio based on what I've have managed to learn, feel free to disagree with some of my remarks.
The way this guide works is that I will first give a rough explanation of each skill, as well as provide the values associated with the skill.
The way it works would be, if i were to say it slows for 5/10/15/20/25% , this means that at level 1, it provides 5% slow, and at level 2 it provides a 10% slow and so forth.

I would also provide ways in which you can optimize the use of said ability, and my reasoning for leveling it. As well as provide little tips and tricks on how to
outplay your opponents. Most skills are quite straight forward to explain, however some would require you experiencing it at your own expense.

Rio is a special character that feels like the mix of Nadine & Rozzi, Combined with the hard hitting power of Aya/Isol/Hart.

If you like to auto attack people from a distance with fast attack speed, while simultaniously dodging and moving around. Then Rio is definetely the character for you.

This version of Rio's build utilizers her AutoAttack. If however you so wish to play a spell-amp Rio, please check out my other build ()


Test was done with 200 Def Target & Hankyu Form, with max level on Rio

WEP - AncientBolt is argueably Best In Slot (Failnaught deals lesser DPS)
Ancient Bolt did - 800 dps // Failnaught did - 562 dps (30% decrease)

HELM - Laurel Wreath gives you 66 more dps compared to Crystal Tiara, you lose out 4 defense, but gain 2 HP/SP regen. Reason why this isnt the helm in the build is due to the contest for early tree of life (Not everyone likes doing that). If you have confident then go for it, all you got to do is pick up an extra lighter in docks.
If you are playing in a duo/squad, might be wise to try to contest for tree of life early on.

CHEST - Tuxedo is Best In Slot at max level (800 dps), with crusader armor being stronger before you reach level 15. I tried Butler suit, but you lose about 80 dps.

ARM - Radar is best in slot, nothing comes close.

LEG - Feather boots is best in slot for dps (800 dps), with Mitril Boots makinng you deal 715 dps, and Red Slippers making you deal 722 dps

ACC - Laced Quiver is best in slot for dps (800 dps), Emerald Tablet gives you 734 dps, while Vertias Lux Mea gives you 747 dps.// In the late game you can go for moonlight pendent, for attk + lifesteal. Get Mithril Quiver if you can, BIS item for RIO

Overall, highest DPS Rio can do is with default gear + Laurel Wreath which gives you a dps of 866 dps.

BIS = Ancient Bow - Mitril Chest - Chinese Opera Mask - Radar - Mitril Boots - Mitril Quiver

Q - Kyudo's Instinct
This allows you to toggle between two modes of attacking;
Hankyu: 2 arrows are fired with each normal attack.
Daikyu: 1 powerful arrow is fired with each normal attack.

Kyudo's Instinct provides something known as 'flow', a stack of flow is given everytime you auto attack, and upon reaching 3 stacks, the next auto attack will trigger a bonus effect based on whichever mode you are in; For Hankyu, your attack speed will be increased by 10/15/20/25/30%, and her movement speed will be increased by 12/14/16/18/20%. For Daikyu, you deal an additional 0.5% dmg for every 1% of health your target is missing, as well as applying a slow for 1.5s (10/15/20/25/30% slow).

Since this is an auto attack based build, this is the skill we would be maxing.
Learning when to swap in between fights is crucial, as the the more powerful arrow causes slow.

W - Hanare
Hanare is Rio's 'nuke' and 'crowd-control'. Depending on which form you are in, it has a different effect. The cooldown of this skill is 10/9/8/7/6s.
In Hankyu form, you shoot a cone of 5 arrows, each dealing 30/50/70/90/110 + 30% AP, as dmg. Each of these shot creates a ring which slows target for 30/35/40/45/50%. Pro tip, a target can be hit by more than 1 of this arrow, so shotgunning is a possibility.

In Daikyu form, you shoot out a single arrow in a straight line, dealing 45/90/135/180/225 + 55% AP. Hitting people with this arrow reduces the skill CD by 70%. What this means is that the skill cooldown effectively become 3/2.7/2.4/2.1/1.8s if you manage to land the skill.

E - Soar
Soar is the mobility skill of Rio, which makes her such a slippery target. This skill allows you to TRAVERSE TERRAIN, it means it can go up and down cliffs, as well as thru walls. Learning how and where to use this makes a huge difference when looting/surviving/fighting. It is hard to explain when and how to use this ability, but a good example would be to vault over walls when looting, to be able to get to boxes faster.

The cooldown of this skill is 10s at all level, and is unaffected by Cooldown Reduction (CDR). However, hitting a target with this skill would reduce the cd of this skill down to 5/4.5/4/3.5/3. Which makes this skill significantly stronger.

In Hankyu form, this skill fires 2 arrows toward 3 targets in the radius. It does 40/50/60/70/80 + 30% AP damage.

In Daikyu form, this skill fires 1 arrow towards 3 target in the radius. It does 50/70/90/110/130 + 40% AP damage, and has a splash daamge which can overlap, the splash damage is 25/35/45/55/65 + 40% AP damage.

PRO TIP: In Daikyu form, the radius in which you can hit a target is bigger, as such it would be wise to swap to Daikyu form when chasing, would allow you potentially hit the target you are chasing, besides dealing damage, it also reduces the CD.

R - Fleeting Soul / Spirit Arrow
This is Rio's Ultimate. It has a 100s CD.

Hankyu form : Fleeting Soul fires out 3 arrows rapidly in a target direction, each dealing 40/70/100 + 30% AP as damage. Each arrow that hit the target reduces the CD of fleeting soul by 5s. If all 3 hits, the CD of this skill effectively becomes 85/65/45s. At the end of the 3 arrow, a 4th final arrow is fired, this arrow knocks back a target by 4m, and deals 150/200/250 + 40% AP as damage. If the knocked back target hits a wall, they are stunned for 1s.

Daikyu form : Spirit Arrrow fires out a single arrow in a target direction. This skill requires Rio to channel for 0.5s before it flies out. The skill has a pretty big range, and deals 300/350/400 + 40% AP as damage. It also applies a 80% slow for 2s. This skill gets 30% more damage, and flies 20% faster once it has traveled for 0.8s. Effectively making this skill do about 390/455/520 + 52% AP as damage.

About 99% of the time, you would use the Hankyu form, as knocking a target into wall is a good form of CC, but that 1% of the time if you would like to Kill Steal, or to kill a running target, the Daikyu form is fun to use.
Ultimately, this makes it so that you should be more aware of your surroundings, and as such activating CCTVs are important. Fun thing about the Daikyu form is that the travelling arrow will pass thru any terrain, so you dont have to worry about it stoppinng, but it will only deal damage to the first target it hits, as such it's vulnerable to the likes of animals.

T - Hassetsu ( Passive )
This makes Rio unable to do critical hits, however gives her the ability to ignore enemy defenses. The defense ignored is 5/7.5/10% + (+0.25% every 1% Crit Chance).

Besides that, it has another effect that gives Rio enhanced auto attack, the damage increase is 110% + ((Crit Strike Chance % + Skill AMP %) * (75 * Crit Strike Damage Increase %)).

Looks complex, but all it means is that Crit Strike Chance + Skill Amp + Crit Strike Damage directly increases Rio's Auto Attack. There is a hidden value in which Crit Strike Chance + Skill Amp % cannot excede 100% in value.

Using Radar + Crystal Tiara effectively gives us 24 + 22% crit chance, which is 46%, this means that we get 11.5% Ignore Defense.

Besides that, we also get spell AMP % from bow mastery, at bow mastery level 20, we get 38% spell AMP, which gives us more auto attack damage.

D - Rain Of Arrows
This is your weapon skill, it cost no mana, and has a CD of 20/15s, it deals damage in a ring, with the inner ring dealing 300/500 + 200% AP damage, annd the outer ring dealing 150/200 + 100% AP damage. Besides damage, it also causes attack speed / movement speed slow.

It is a good farming tool if done right as it has a short CD, far range and deals fairly high daamge. However the main use of this ability is to help scout bushes / check locations, as it provides vision.

//General Feedback//
Rio's main issue is that shes a ranged character, which makes her squisher than most melee chars, however being a range with mobility, you are able to reposition properly.
The biggest mistake you can do on Rio is standing still. You are mobile, and a range character, this means you should ALWAYS be moving, standing still means they can jump you!!.

Another thing to note is using your terrain to your advantage, being a range char with the ability to jump thru terrains, this means you are able to kite back forth, as such learning where you are able to do stuff like that would improve your experience on Rio.

//Characters to watch out for :

Bernice : His traps will make you unable to move, thus making you unable to utilize your mobility.

Hyunwoo : If you get stunned by him, you are 99% of the time DEAD, he can OTK you as you are just moderately tanky.

//Characters you just destroy :

Jackie : She hates being kited, so just kite with your E and she will beg you to stop bullying

Yuki : Same deal with Yuki, however he has more ways of coming to your face, so hes slightly harder to deal with, but with some practice, you can bully him as well.

Cathy : This one is pretty much even, it depends on where you are fighting her, as her Q is relatively short cd, and she has the ability to root and stun you, but if you are able to kite her, shes pretty much useless.

//Characters that requires you to be better leveld / better food item / hit first

Aya / Hart / Nadine : These are all range auto attack beasts, they hit as hard as you do, but are also as squishy as you are. These fights are pretty much down to who mess up first, or who have better luck, as it usually just ends up as an auto attack war, with both sides just poking. However if they are even slightly better geared / leveled than you, they can shread you to bits. However same to thru the other way. As such, try to avoid them until you are more confident enough on Rio.

//Characters she works well with

Basically any character that is melee and gives her the fighting space

The characters that I've played with so far that gives me the easiest time in Duos are :
Leon / Lidai Lin / Alex / Hyunwoo / Yuki / Eleven

The character composition that I've played with so far that givess me the easiest time in Squads are :

Leon + Adela
Leon + Hyunwoo
Eleven + Hyunwoo
Eleven + Alex
Skill build and description
  • Kyudo Instinct Q
  • Soar E
  • Hassetsu T
  • Hanare W
  • Kyudo Instinct Q
  • Hanare W
  • Soar E
  • Fleeting Soul/Spirit Arrow R

Item Build and Route Plan