The OG route by paulrek Silver 2
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Shoichi - Dagger

Plan description
I hope you're lucky
Aggresivley loot towards the boxes in Alley above the Temple TP, you want to be the first one there, if you don't have paper it will be in the boxes near the TP, if it's not then head explode (I mean go Archery). Getting lucky from the 3 Alley boxes can be the difference between being able to contest tree or not. If you get a lighter from Alley then TP directly to Forest (if there are no Adriana's in the lobby) this let's you get a psuedo 2 zone weapon and a smoother route (Forest>School>Alley), it also allows you to avoid the ECYoon Shoichi build because you are there before them (that build will always be stronger than you at this point in the game, if you know someone is going that route then go Forest 2nd even without the Alley lighter because by the time you get to Forest 3rd they will destroy you and you need to avoid them. You'll end up looting the left side of School, don't loot in school, loot towards the car, the dumpster, then gym, to Alley. Soteria Lukes should be out of School at this point too unless they got unlucky.) If you go to Forest 2nd then School to Alley finishes your build if it's a Forest 3rd game then Beach + Uptown -> try not to spend too much time here because you can TP to Alley from Uptown and have everything you need there instead of searching 2 zones, but doing either is usually fine. If you are able to get first tree from Hotel then you are most likely making Glaciel Slippers, Skaadi is a better item in every way to Slippers but it's hard for you to find the Nail and Mousetraps en route so make Glacials for tempo.
Sometimes when you TP School 2nd you'll end up in gym, this where things get wierd and you'll need to work fast, looting downwards towards forest at this point takes too long and everyone who spikes in Forest will get it before you, instead loot as much of gym as you need to and go to alley, only loot the boxes on the way to the TP and TP to Cemetery, this will finish most of your build and you can free form wherever you need to go from there but I must stress doing this is dangerous due to lack of weapon for so long but it's also your best option.

Here are your best in slot upgrades to look for later on into the game, the top being the absolute best:

Mount Slicer (Never get rid of this weapon nothing is better than it for Shoichi)

Kabana (Only if you have another HP item to make up for it or you are confident)
Mithril Armor (This shit is just OP right now and will probably get nerfed)
EOD Suit (I think we all know why)
Battle Suit
Sunset Armor (It's just so easy to build)

Elysian Halo (It's just so good)
Imperial Burgonet (The max SP feels amazing like with Halo plus every other stat is good too)
Imperial Crown (really only good with Kabana)

Skaadi (There is no world where you take any arm over this)
Auto Arms
Mithril Shield
Draupnir/ Shah Jahan (I haven't played enough with Sheath to know if it's better Draupnir, Yoon likes sheath more, I like Draup for the max SP, at this time I think it's preference)

Glacial Slippers (with the recent buffs it's most likely better then Hermes at all times now but the research will be done soon)
Hermes (before Slippers buffs it was situational which was better but hermes was better in about 60-70% of matchups and might still be)
Straightjackets/ Tachyon (Sneakers are better if you're struggling with SP, Tachyon is built in the early cheese build but can fuck your SP, the MS feels amazing though, I believe it's personal preference which is better)

White Crane Fan (In most cases this is your only healing reduction item and since it cuts food too it's invaluable, also MS beri good)
Schrodingers (your HP item if you need it)
Uchiwa (exceptional early game, but you really want to swap off later)

Skill build and description
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Item Build and Route Plan