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Anti-Aggro Vengence
Cost 1 Aristócrata desafortunado
Aristócrata desafortunado
Cost 1 Marca de las Islas
Marca de las Islas
Cost 2 Vestigio del más allá
Vestigio del más allá
Cost 2 Guardián maldito
Guardián maldito
Cost 2 Festín infame
Festín infame
Cost 2 Reliquia embrujada
Reliquia embrujada
Cost 3 Kalista
Cost 3 Llamada de la Niebla
Llamada de la Niebla
Cost 3 Arácnido furibundo
Arácnido furibundo
Cost 4 Cronista de La Ruina
Cronista de La Ruina
Cost 4 La caja
La caja
Cost 5 Lamento marchito
Lamento marchito
Cost 5 Garras del inmortal
Garras del inmortal
Cost 5 Prodigio torturado
Prodigio torturado
Cost 7 Venganza
Cost 7 Portador de la llama
Portador de la llama
Cost 8 Rhasa, el Desgarrador
Rhasa, el Desgarrador
Cost 9 La Ruina
La Ruina
Cost 9 Comandante Ledros
Comandante Ledros
Islas de la Sombra Islas de la Sombra

Firstly sorry my bad english. I created this deck becouse i was pissed off with the Burn Aggro spam in the ladder and i didn’t really found any obvious counter of these decks.Turns out it worked better then expected - my actual winrate with this deck aganist aggro is 100%, and agnist other types of decks 55% in Silver Your main goal with this deck is survive the early-mid game with hapless aristocrat, cursed keeper, Frienzed skitterer, vile feast, the box, and mainly the other board control spells. When the late game comes , your main goal is to level up kalista and have summoned a bad boy to be used as her bodyguard, the easiest way is to use the haunted relic after summon her. If kalista dies, you can easyly revive her with the Rekindler, note that is you use the Chronicler of Ruin on the rekindler you revive kalista a second time, making a amazing tool aganist other control/midrange decks. If shit hits the fan, build up the Ruination in turn 6 for a “get out of the jail” free card. Try to save vengence for sticky units like Braum, for instance. These are the biggest threats for this deck cus you can only remove high health minions either with vengence or Rhasa, and both are very expensive. You should aways aim to use Glimpse Beyond either to counter a target spell (like grasp of the undying) or in cursed keeper boys, dont play it as a tempo play cus its a precious rescourse This deck is still a work is progress, so i’m open to any tips you guys have for me - thank you all for giving a chance to my deck.

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