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DAK.GG for Warzone

How to fix Update Error

This is a guide to enable your stats update.

Since Activision changed privacy policy, DAK.GG (and other Warzone stats sites are also) can NOT access your account.
By default, all Warzone players will be set to the Friends & External Tournaments setting. So, please follow steps below to enable updating your stats.

Step 1)
Move COD user profile page and sign in. You can go with below URL.
BattleNet, PSN, XBox, and Steam are available. Sign in your linked ID.

Step 2)
Add your additional Information
If you didn't set your name and region information, you may see a dialog
like below image.

Step 2

Write down your name and select your region. You need NOT to check, since it's agreement to receive e-mail notice.

Step 3)
Go back to the URL of Step 1, or
Click "MY CALL OF DUTY" on top of the website, and click "Linked Accounts" menu that appear you mouseover on your account.

Step 3

Step 4)
Set both of Searchable and Data Visible to "ALL" of your linked account.
* Notice: If your settings are already "ALL", you should reset. Change to "None" and set "ALL" again.

Step 4

Step 5)
Now you may use Warzone DAK.GG update.

Thank you.